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The Usefulness of Twitter In Link Building

April 10, 2009

A few weeks ago I wrote an entry about Twitter, Skittles, and if it was worth the time. Since that time, Twitter has really taken off in the mainstream media. In this article by Eric Ward, he presents a very unique spin on the world of Twitter. Perhaps, an untapped niche powerhouse for link building.
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How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

April 3, 2009

There are all kinds of different statistics to keep an eye on when developing a site. Page views, impressions, but the one that is absolutely vital to profit is, conversion. You can have all the page views, and impressoins in the world, but if your conversion rate is low you’re missing out on key revenue.

There are numerous ways to keep that conversion rate up. Below is a video of Dr. Karl Blanks, who is the Co-Founder of Conversion Rate Experts. He provides some useful tips on how-to up your conversion rates… Read more

Google Checkout Receives Significant Upgrades

March 20, 2009

If you sell products, or services on your website then one of the most challenging steps is implementing the necessary code for ‘checking out’. If you want to take the easy way, but more expensive approach you can just hire someone to set it up for you. However, if you want to save some money and try it yourself Google Checkout might be something you should look into.
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Is Twitter Worth The Time To Take Serious?

March 13, 2009

If you’re online, and like to consider yourself up-to-date you’ve probably used Twitter. Or atleast know someone who has. Twitter is an odd bird in the social networking world. It’s not like Facebook, or MySpace. The portal isn’t about creating a profile, and necessarily keeping up with friends. It’s about micro updating anything, and everything in your life. Read more

Making Social Media Work For You

February 27, 2009

If you’re a rabid social media user, then I know how hard it can be to stay focused. You’re sitting at your desk, there’s a lull in the workday. Why not take a peak and see what your friends, and peers are up to?

The problem is that while it might not seem like much, checking your various social networking profiles throughout the day can be a time sink. Sure, you might only be checking Facebook for five minutes, but add that to the time you check Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, and so on. Instead of feeling bad about doing so, why not make your time spent there work for your business.
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How To Fully Utilize Google AdWords

February 20, 2009

If you’re just getting into the online ad game, it can be quite an endeavor. There’s all sorts of agencies, and ‘expert’s out there claiming to have a handle on Google AdWords. If you want to roll up your sleeves, and learn it yourself, there are some valuable resources out there to take advantage of.
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Bonanzle, For Your Community Minded Auctions

February 2, 2009

eBay has really taken a lot of flak the past year or so. You keep hearing that they’ve gone commercial, and that it isn’t about the user experience anymore. If you do go on eBay, you’ll find that most of these claims are quite true. Most of your top results are all power users, with mostly using the Buy Now option.
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How-To Localize and Personalize Your Website

January 9, 2009

We’ve already discussed how social networking is become more and more important for the success of a website. Going into 2009, how will maintaining rank on search engines change? How will you be able to keep up?

If you’re to believe some experts, then you need to start focusing on localization and personalization. It’s not enough to just dominate keyword phrases, and rank. Slowly, you can start to see search engines adapt more and more to people’s location and preferences. For example, if you have a website selling video games and someone types phrases into Google about video games perhaps the top hits will be local gaming stores in their area.
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Ranking vs. Social Networking – Which Is Best To Focus On?

December 19, 2008

In the past if you wanted people to visit your blog, it was all about keyphrase SEO. If you had a blog about ‘floral design’, then that meant you needed to find ways to get the top results on Google for keywords relating to floral design. The landscape for SEO is changing, but how much of a change is actually occuring?

If you listen to the SEO experts around the internet, then you’ll find that most are starting to see the shift happening in the world of SEO. Looking into the past of SEO, it used to be a very dog-eat-dog system. It was a battle to try and obtain top results in certain keyword phrases. Bruce Clay, an expert in the field of SEO actually made the statement, “Ranking Is Dead” Read more

Google Adsense Expanding For Non-Developed Pages?

December 12, 2008

Google AdsenseGoogle has many times in the past stood at the line between ‘crafty’, and ‘unethical’. People love their search engine so much, that generally it really doesn’t matter who the people are that do think some of their practices are unethical.

Google’s latest news is one of those ideas, depending on your business practices could be deemed right or wrong.
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