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Using Google Place Pages To Your Advantage

September 29, 2009

A tool that’s available on Google is one you may or may not be aware of — Google Place Pages. There is a debate as to whether or not this tool is a benefit to small and local businesses, or a detriment. The argument should be moot to you though, because you can’t change it. If there comes a day that Google Place Pages are not longer relevant then look elsewhere.

Google Place Pages is a tool attached to Google Maps. Depending on if a business is a part of the service, you’ll see them pop up when doing a search on Google Maps. A Place Page provides a bevy of information about a business. Many times it’s store hours or specific directions pasted directly on the page. There’s opinions featured if people have posted a review. All of which can come back to help you, or harm you.

The more that people use Google Maps, the more important optimizing for landing pages becomes. First, you have to discover what you want most from your business and as an extension your website. If it’s about allowing people to sign up for a service, then have that be a staple of your optimization.

In conclusion it’s important to note that not all businesses have Place Pages. You can of course notify Google, but that doesn’t gurantee anything. The best you can do is keep up with your SEO, and always be mindful of where your content is being used, or could potentially be used.

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