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The Usefulness of Twitter In Link Building

April 10, 2009

A few weeks ago I wrote an entry about Twitter, Skittles, and if it was worth the time. Since that time, Twitter has really taken off in the mainstream media. In this article by Eric Ward, he presents a very unique spin on the world of Twitter. Perhaps, an untapped niche powerhouse for link building.

I absolutely loved Ward’s article because it expanded in detail what I had written. So, just how useful can you make Twitter when driving quality traffic to your site?

The keyword in my previous statement is quality. Ward drives the point home in his article, that Twitter has massive potential in obtaining the traffic you want.

Let me put it this way: Would you rather have 1,000 visits to your site that were accidental or you questioned their interest…or…receive 200 visits and every single one of those people were there specifically for your content?

At first you might be pondering the question. 1,000 page visits is 5x the amount of the second option. Of those 1,000 you have to think that a certain percent is doing something useful with your site. The problem is that you don’t know. Depending on where your inbound links are coming from, your trafffic could be completely worthwhile, or utterly useless. Option B might have you receiving less visits but you are guranteed a higher conversion rate. Those visitors are navigating through your site, possibly making purchases, and even some could be interested in your hosted ads. YAY!

Twitter, if used correctly can be a driving force behind option B. Ward explains that the great thing about Twitter is when you find experts, or reliable sources in the field your website pertains to. If you’re a gamer, and you are able to build relationships with gaming companies; this is an example of exposing your site to higher conversion traffic. Another great thing about Twitter is the domino effect…

If you have someone following you that is respected in the field, then they have people following them. Those people are exposed to your site, and you could soon have a brand spanking new community following your site.

I’ve been speaking hypothetically in this post, but the real magic is making it happen. Twitter like anything else requires savvy, and hard work to make it be to your benefit. Building relationships online for business isn’t always easy. The best you can do is keep tweeting away, and really provide the content that will blow people away.

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One Response to “The Usefulness of Twitter In Link Building”

  1. Melody on April 19th, 2009 10:42 pm

    Every online marketer is taking advantage of twitter these days, but I only wonder how long it’s going to take for twitter to lose its power and just become another network of spam..

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