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Is Twitter Worth The Time To Take Serious?

March 13, 2009

If you’re online, and like to consider yourself up-to-date you’ve probably used Twitter. Or atleast know someone who has. Twitter is an odd bird in the social networking world. It’s not like Facebook, or MySpace. The portal isn’t about creating a profile, and necessarily keeping up with friends. It’s about micro updating anything, and everything in your life.

It might not sound business related, but I think there’s an untapped potential for Twitter. Actually it has been tapped by Skittles. Which could ultimately make Twitter a huge power player in online advertising.

In this Marketing Pilgrim article, we find that Skittles increased traffic to their site by 1332% due to their Twitter-site campaign. That’s quite a bit of traffic for a site, about candy. Just imagine what Twitter can accomplish for a business more online oriented.

I’m not saying you should drop all your other strategies and adopt Twitter as a main outlet. However, with how easy Twitter is to update, the scope of its userbase there’s no reason you shouldn’t be linking to your site from there.

The trick to Twitter is to become a part of the community, and gain followers. People more than likely won’t follow, or if they will stop if they think you’re there just to advertise. Be natural, and Twitter could provide a bright future for page traffic.

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